Eurobeton: building solutions Eurobeton: building solutions

Our Story

Eurobeton was founded in Latisana, in the province of Udine, in 1988 as a producer of ready-mixed products. Over the years, Eurobeton has focused on the production of cementitious mortars for renovating walls and facades, products for restoring concrete and gypsum-based fillers. In 2000, we became part of the San Marco Group, and thanks to extensive research and development work, we optimised product formulations and gradually extended the range. The company grew with the aim of providing customers with certified, high-quality products: the production of adhesives for coating systems became the flagship of our in-house research and development centre.

The new production facility

In 2009 the new production facility was built on a site near the Latisana motorway exit, in the new "Le Crosere" industrial zone, thereby facilitating product shipments. Eurobeton's new production site is equipped with two automatic installations for the production of cement premixes and powdered fillers. The new fully-automated plants allow the bags to be perfectly sealed, thus eliminating the problem of product spillage. Innovative packaging technology allows the closed pallets of product to be stored outside without the risk of water and humidity seeping in. The production capacity of the Eurobeton plant is now 25 million kg/year.

All the solutions for restoration

Eurobeton now offers a wide range of products for all types of substrate restoration and preparation work, thanks to the development of products designed for specific problems both in the field of new construction as well as in the restoration of old buildings: mortars, adhesives, cementitious skimming compounds and traditional fillers for professional construction. Over the years, Eurobeton has succeeded in adapting to the changing needs of the market and has developed a complete and renewed range of products of excellent quality, versatility and high technological content for all types of work: traditional cementitious skimming compounds, specific mortars for restoring concrete, glues for thermal coatings, dehumidifying plasters, and smoothing fillers, all materials developed for professionals involved in the construction of new buildings or restoration work.

Entry into large-scale distribution

With the desire to always keep renewing ourselves and to continue adapting to the changes and needs of the market, in 2022 Eurobeton inaugurated a partnership with TecnoMat (formerly Bricoman), a large-scale retail chain geared towards the professional trade for whom we develop a full range of top-quality products. There are over 120 products, including interior and exterior wall paints, those dedicated to preparing wall surfaces, enamels and water- and solvent-based primers; plus a wide range of colours and a proposal tailored to users' needs, all easy to apply and of professional quality, to cater to all the needs of application professionals.

About San Marco Group

San Marco Group is a leader in Italy in the manufacture and distribution of paints and varnishes for professional construction. With a portfolio of 7 strong and well-balanced proprietary brands, with the far-sighted vision of the Geremia family over 80 years of history, the Group has evolved to become a benchmark company both at a national and international level.
With ongoing investments in production and Research & Development, and strategic choices in acquisitions, the San Marco Group has developed a full range of paints and solutions for the building industry to meet all the market's needs.
Each Brand has a precise role and the Group enhances its unique features by reducing overlaps, exploiting synergies and economies of scope with a widespread diffusion in Italy and abroad.
Expression of the best Italian-made products at international level, the Group offers a comprehensive approach to the building painting and coating market.