San Marco Group Best Managed Company

The health emergency caused by the Coronavirus has put a strain on businesses in many sectors; however, some have faced and overcome the unprecedented and complex scenario outlined by the pandemic with timeliness and efficiency. Such as San Marco Group, leader in the production and marketing of paints and varnishes for professional construction, which was confirmed among the 74 Italian companies awarded the Best Managed Companies award.

The prestigious award, established by Deloitte and supported by ALTIS Università Cattolica, by ELITE and by Confindustria, supports and rewards the excellent organizations for organizational capacity, strategy and performance that this year have shown great capacity and resilience in facing the crisis that has hit the country.

The winning companies were evaluated on the basis of six pillars:
  1. Strategy
  2. Skills and Innovation
  3. Corporate Social Responsibility
  4. Commitment and Corporate Culture
  5. Governance and Performance Measurement,
  6. Internationalization

The award-winning companies also stood out for their exemplary management during the Covid emergency, in particular for the attention to people, the control of cash flows, respect for the supply chain, the launch of new products and services to cope with to the market, for the commitment to the community and social responsibility and the strengthening of communication with all stakeholders.

“In an economically uncertain and unprecedented moment, such as the one we are experiencing, this important recognition is a source of great pride for all of us - commented Pietro Geremia, Vice President of San Marco Group -. Attention to people and families is part of the Group's DNA and has always been one of our strengths. We want to continue to remain close to our employees, customers and suppliers by embracing a dynamic culture based on collaboration, trust and shared purpose, to leave behind this period stronger and more united than before. We are delighted to be reconfirmed among the Italian "Best Managed Companies", and it is an honor for me to receive this recognition a few months after my appointment as new president and CEO. The goals for the future that we have set for ourselves focus on several fronts, including the further strengthening of the Group's international structure, attention to social and environmental sustainability and an eye to new digital technologies ".

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