Thermal insulation system Thermal insulation system

Rasa_Termic: adhesives and skimming compounds for thermal cladding

Thermal insulation is a system for thermal and acoustic insulation of both new and existing buildings, which is simple to implement by a qualified company and meets a number of requirements at the same time, offering these advantages:

  • real energy and economic savings;
  • increases the value of the property by improving its energy-efficiency class;
  • significantly improves living comfort;
  • eliminates moisture condensation and thermal bridges;
  • reduces the spread of mould/mildew by combating the main causes (humidity and condensation);
  • maintains the temperature in the interior rooms within a certain range during both winter and summer;
  • produces various solutions for the aesthetic finishing of the exterior walls.

Eurobeton presents its Rasa_Termic line of adhesives and skimming compounds, designed to meet the most common needs of companies specialising in thermal cladding systems. Together with ABC - another brand of the San Marco Group - we provide a wide range of products and solutions suitable for carrying out building work such as the application of a Thermal Cladding System. Priming products for façade preparation, finishing products for exterior painting, skim coats and adhesives needed for applying insulation panels in the coating cycle, and products dedicated to specific processes, such as elastomeric coatings or waterproofing membranes for terraces and balconies.

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