Damp-wall restoration Damp-wall restoration

Risanarapid: for the restoration of damp walls

Risanarapid is Eurobeton's proposal for a low thickness base-coat system, which makes it possible to restore portions of plaster affected by damp.
The Risanarapid system creates a barrier effect and performs a waterproofing function by preventing water from penetrating the walls by capillary action. Highly breathable, water-repellent and practical to use, requires no demolition work to be applied to sufficiently-cohesive plaster that adheres to the underlying wall.
Risanarapid is a system composed of mineral products based on air and hydraulic binders, selected aggregates and special additives that give the product both good water repellency and very high breathability, and give the surface popular in residential contexts.

The Risanarapid mineral primer-finish system consists of the primer and finish product, which together make it possible to restore damp walls and reduce the effects of rising damp. This system is characterised by:

  • high adhesion;
  • easy to apply;
  • anti-salt action;
  • fibered, for greater resistance to structural changes;
  • formulated with new-generation hydraulic binders;
  • prevents salts from crystallizing and surfacing.

Low-thickness primer-finish restoring system