Solvent-based enamels and primers Solvent-based enamels and primers

Solvent-based enamels and primers

Remove rust and repaint metal substrates in general such as railings, gates, gratings with our solvent-based products that are perfect for outdoor surface protection. These products also offer excellent resistance to atmospheric agents and the sun's ultraviolet rays, giving effective and long-lasting results.
Use Antiruggine Sintetica (synthetic rust remover) to prepare the background to prevent rusting after applying the chosen enamel. A satin- or polished-effect finish for our solvent enamels range, and a metallic finish with an antiqued appearance similar to wrought-iron materials we propose for our Smalto Ferromicaceo Antichizzante (antique metallic enamel).
Choose the product you prefer, calculate the amount of paint you need, contact us or find the outlet where we are located, and try what you think is the ideal solution for you.